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The U.S.-Mexico Business Council (USMBC) is the premiere advocacy organization for Corporations operating in the U.S. and Mexico, Membership is open to U.S. and Mexican companies with interest in the U.S. and Mexican marketplace. Non-member institutions, such as non-governmental organizations, research institutes and bi-national organizations, shall be entitled to participate in USMBC activities by invitation.

The USMBC provides CEO and executives of American companies a forum to continually monitor their Mexican market strategies as conditions change. The Council has also successfully acted on behalf of member firms to resolve specific commercial disputes and to influence Mexican policies that negatively impact their business in Mexico.

For Mexican companies looking to raise their profile and grow their business – within Mexico and in the United States — the USMBC leverages relationships with major industry players, international finance organizations, and U.S. government agencies to assist in strategic planning and in partner searches. Mexican members benefit from an unparalleled forum for visibility and networking, thereby demonstrating their commitment to open and transparent commercial activities.


The benefits of joining the U.S. – Mexico Business Council include:

Knowledge sharing

USMBC Members are part of a pro active group of business organizations that, under the umbrella of the association, will provide their professional and business experience and expertise to bi-national dialogues that are developing it’s advocacy positions regarding the U.S. – Mexico Relationship. As part of this process, high-profile invitees give speeches at USMBC’s Meetings.

Work Groups and Events

Membership ensures participation in working groups and events as well as outputs from these activities. It provides an excellent opportunity to access high-level U.S. and Mexico government officials and work with the leading business organizations in different sectors. In addition members have access to the latest legislative developments and events on the U.S. – Mexico Relationship.

Please follow the link above to learn more about current activities that include Working Groups in the areas of:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Renewable Energies
  • Medical Devices
  • Creative
  • Capital Markets and Financial System
  • Competitiveness
  • Economic Development
  • Education & Culture
  • Electronics
  • Energy and Environment
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Health
  • Household Appliances
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Intellectual Property
  • Immigration
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel and Tourism

Networking Opportunities

Participation in USMBC events will provide the opportunity to interact with leading policymakers and Business Leaders in Mexico and the United States.


Exclusive services:

  • Advocacy in the U.S. and Mexico
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Dispute resolution
  • Government relations
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Market intelligence services.